eCigarette FAQs

 What is an eStick?

An eStick is a battery charged devise, that when inhaled gives you the same sensation as a traditional cigarette. This vapor comes without the burning tobacco, tar, or smoke. With many flavor and nicotine level combinations available, along with the same sensation of exhaling. The eStick will give you the satisfying sensation you crave.

Can anyone purchase and eStick or eJuice?

As the eJuice may contain nicotine. You must  in your state or province be of legal smoking age, (18-21).

Where can I smoke my eStick?

As the e-stick only creates water vapor and is odorless, and will disappear in seconds. This will allow you to smoke in confidence, as your hair and clothes will not smell of burnt tobacco. People around you will not smell anything, so it can be smoked in your car, your home and even a bar.

Can I use the eStick to quit smoking?

The eStick is a much more healthier alternative then smoking traditional cigarettes. There are statements and claims by individuals that e-cigarettes has helped them quit. However we do not support or deny these claims.

Battery Charging?

When you are set to use your eStick, be sure to fully charge it 3 to 4 hours. A fully charged battery should last for 6-8 hours, always depending on usage. Keep your battery fully charged to optimize your battery life.

Are eSticks refillable?

There are hundreds of combinations of flavors and nicotine levels, as all eSticks are refillable.

How much vapor is produced by the eJuice?

The eJuice is produced into large amounts a vapor by the liquid hitting the activated atomizer. Our special atomizer produces the fullest and most satisfying vapor, consistently. A fully charged battery will produce the most smoke-like vapor.

How long does a charge last with a eStick atomizer?

Depending on the amount that you would normally use, an atomizer will last several hours and up to a few days.

Refilling the eStick cartridge?

By unscrewing the atomizer at the mouth piece, then slowly fill the atomizer cartridge. Always be careful screwing and unscrewing the refillable cartridge, as it will extend the life span of your cartridge. More information can be found in our How To Videos.

How many refills can I get out of a bottle of eJuice?

Depending on the amount you normally use, a 30 ml bottle should last for 15 to 20 refills.

Shelf Life and Storage.

How to store eJuice properly?

Constant exposure to sunlight can damage and/or discolor the eJuice. For the longest shelf life always store in a cool, dry, dark place.

My eJuice has changed colors?

Always try to store your eJuice in the refrigerator, or a cool, dry place. If your eJuice has changed colors since purchase it has probably had exposure to the sunlight, even so it is still good to use.


How long will it take to get my purchase after ordering?

With standard shipping, and depending on where you live . You will receive your product within 5 to 10 business days.

How can I keep track of my orders?

You can keep track of your orders by logging in to your account you have with us.

What kind of shipping can I use?

We usually process our orders in house, within 1 business day. We then offer standard, express, and Priority shipping.

Additional Information

How can I keep updated on new products?

We will keep you informed via e-mail of all our new and exciting products. Also remember to sign up for our newsletter.

Suggestions and Comments?

We are always looking for new ideas, thoughts and feedback. We do receive a lot of correspondence so might we not be able to answer every e-mail back. Feel free to contact us at .